Be inspired to take care of yourself, so you

can take care of others.

As average lifespans continue to rise, healthy living is becoming nothing short of a global movement. Consumers everywhere are seeking and paying to ensure healthy lives for as long as possible.

The global wellness industry reached an incredible $3.7 trillion in 2017– making it one of the world’s fastest-growing industries in the world. The U.S. market for health and wellness reached $167 billion dollars in 2017 and 691 million people took wellness trips to improve their lifestyles.

In 2018, the “Wellness Economy” shows no signs of slowing. There’s an ever-growing connectivity in the minds of consumers in various aspects of their lives and as the wellness market size increases, Inspire Global is right here to champion the cause.

Inspire Global’s wellness partner, Carelumina, is a leading juice and nutrition company reinventing nutrition and fitness. Carelumina’s products promote fast-absorption and offer pure ingredients enriched with only essential nutrients. We are not just after short-term results on the scale, we want you to look good, and stay looking good, forever.

Would you like to improve the look of your skin or find relief from joint pain? If you’re like most people, one or more of these scenarios currently describe your health.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to stay this way. The scientific research found in Carlumina nutrition and CBD products is a unique blend of ingredients that can provide effective support and relief for a wide range of common health issues.

Our proprietary formulas are specifically designed to provide you with products that boost energy levels, reduce pain, rejuvenate healthy skin, as well as enhance metabolism, sleep quality, and immune system function.

With our certified wellness coaches, Carelumina provides customized plans for every lifestyle, body type, and goal through the science of clean nutrition.

See what so many people are talking about with our full line of Carelumina products.