What is Credit Restoration?

Credit Restoration is a methodical approach to create a more accurate credit score and FICO friendly credit reading.

Quite simply, credit restoration, also referred to as credit repair, is the process of disputing the accuracy or verifiability of account information on your credit reports. Disputing information on your credit reports with the credit reporting agencies (CRAs), creditors and collection agencies is a legal right afforded to consumers through provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other federal consumer protection laws.

You may already know that derogatory accounts that appear on your credit report will hurt your credit score. The more negative accounts you have, the lower your score will be.

As you may imagine, a credit worthy consumer is rewarded with the best financing rates, insurance rates, employment opportunities, renting opportunities, and peace of mind. Below is an example of how much it can cost to have bad credit.

What Is Inspire Global Credit Clear?

Inspire Global Credit Clear is a service that teaches you how your credit works, how to fix your credit report, and – most importantly – how to overcome the financial hardships of your past while building a brighter, more secure future. Everybody deserves a second chance!

We will analyze all categories of your current credit report, including public records, collections and trade lines (credit cards and loans). Each of these categories has a different, but significant, impact on your credit score.

After a thorough evaluation, we will counsel you on what areas of your credit report may have errors or need further attention.

Then, for a very affordable fee, we will handle the communication for you by contacting the credit reporting agencies to verify the accuracy of all your accounts. We will petition to remove errors and inaccuracies, as well as, information that no longer needs to be on your report because of time limits or because of the source of the information.  If there are items left in a dispute status on your credit report, you may not get approved for a loan. We will investigate each disputed item on your credit report and work to resolve each one of those issues.

We will also contact collection agencies to dispute the dates of last activity. Sometimes, collection agencies recreate an existing account to make it look new when in actuality it's ten years old!  This duplication approach can significantly reduce your credit score.

Collection agencies may report a different amount owed than what your original creditor reported. We will work to verify the correct information with your original creditor and petition that the correct information be placed on your credit file.

Finally, you will receive a direct connection to the three major national credit bureaus, as well as, an innovative virtual toolset. You will have access to unlimited reporting, tracking to monitor your progress, and a score simulator to give you “What-if” scenarios to determine potential effects on your credit score. 

Inspire Global Credit Clear is here to assist you in understanding credit so you can heal yourself from the negative cycle of debt and build positive credit habits that lead you to a lifetime of financial success.

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